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Zirconium Wire, Zr Wire

Zirconium Wire, Zr Wire

Zirconium wire is a thin, flexible wire made from the metal zirconium. It is often used in welding and other industrial applications due to its high melting point, resistance to corrosion, and low thermal neutron capture cross-section. Zirconium wire is also used in the manufacture of electrodes for welding, and in the production of sputtering targets for use in the electronics industry. It is available in various diameters and can be ordered in straight lengths or on spools for ease of use.

Zirconium Wire Specifications

Diameter 0.5-6mm
Materials ERZr2----(non-alloy zirconium) ERZr4----(Zirconium Niobium Alloy)
Standard AWS A5.24/A5.24M:2005 ASME SFA-5.24/SFA-5.24M

Zirconium Wire Form

  • Straight Zr wire
  • Coiled Zr wire

Zirconium Wire Packaging

Our zirconium wire is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.


We handle our products with care to ensure they remain in their original condition during storage and transportation and to preserve their quality.



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