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Tungsten Powder, CAS7440-33-7

Tungsten Powder, CAS7440-33-7

Tungsten powder is a fine, gray powder made up of tungsten particles with a high surface area to volume ratio. It is a valuable raw material for the production of tungsten products and can be used in a variety of applications, including thermal spray coatings, metallurgical additives, and electrical contacts.

Tungsten powder is typically produced by reducing tungsten oxide with hydrogen or carbon. The resulting powder has a high melting point and density, making it an ideal material for high-temperature applications. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and wear, which makes it suitable for use in parts subjected to high stresses.

Tungsten powder is available in a range of particle sizes and purities, and can be further processed to produce other tungsten products such as wire, rod, and sheet. Its unique properties and versatility make it a popular choice for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications.

Tungsten Powder Density

  • Bulk Density: Minimum 18.50 g/cc (Helium Pycnometer)
  • Tap Density: Minimum 11.90 g/cc (ASTM B527)

Tungsten Powder Particle Size (APS)

  • 1 µm ~ 1.5 µm
  • 1.5 µm ~ 2 µm
  • 2 µm ~ 4 µm
  • 4 µm ~ 6 µm
  • 6 µm ~ 10 µm
  • 100 mesh ~ 200 mesh
  • Customized

Tungsten Powder Applications

Tungsten powder is mainly used in the production of weight fillers, radiation shielding fillers, induction accelerators, etc. The thin film surface of its polymer mixture makes it suitable for radiation protection. It is also an ideal heavy metal filler for injection-molding applications due to its large particle size. Tungsten powder is suitable for applications in the metal spray industry.


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