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Titanium Mesh, Ti Mesh

Titanium Mesh, Ti Mesh

Size 0.3-2.0mm x 1000mm x L Open size customized
Material Titanium
Standard ASTM B265
Density 4.5-4.51 g/cc
Surface Pickled
Color Silvery
Grade Gr1/Gr2



Titanium mesh is a type of mesh made from titanium wires. It is widely used in many industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, medical, and energy. The mesh is highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments, making it ideal for use in corrosive and high-temperature applications.


Titanium mesh is often used as a filter medium or as a support for catalysts in chemical reactions. It can also be used as a reinforcing material in composite materials or as a material for implants in medical applications.

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