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Titanium Foil, Ti Foil

Titanium Foil, Ti Foil

Material C.P.Titanium Ti Alloys
Standard ASTM B265 etc.
Density 4.5-4.51 g/cc
Surface Cold rolling surface
Size >0.05mm T x >10mm W x L



Titanium foil is made by rolling and reducing a larger sheet of titanium, which can be either commercially pure titanium or a titanium alloy. The foil can be further processed into various forms, such as tapes, strips, or ribbons, depending on the specific application.


Thickness: >0.05mm (0.00197")
Width: 10mm-200mm (0.394"-7.87")
Length: Customized
Grade1, Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 5, Grade 7 and Grade 9
ASTM B265, AMSE SB 265


Titanium foil is commonly used in the aerospace industry for applications such as aircraft skins, engine components, and ducting due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. In the medical industry, it is used for implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers, because of its biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. In chemical processing, titanium foil is often used as a lining or coating for equipment that comes into contact with corrosive materials.

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