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Titanium Flange, Ti Flange

Titanium Flange, Ti Flange

Size 1/2" to 24" NPS
Density 4.51 g/cc
Material C.P. Titanium & Titanium Alloy



A titanium flange, also known as a Ti flange, is a type of connection component used in piping systems. It is made of titanium, a strong and corrosion-resistant metal that is ideal for use in harsh and corrosive environments. The flange is designed to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment together, providing a leak-proof seal and facilitating easy maintenance and repair.


1. Titanium lap joint flange

2.Titanium weld neck flange

3. Titanium blind flange


Titanium flanges are commonly used in applications where the piping system is exposed to seawater, corrosive chemicals, or high temperatures. They are often used in the chemical processing, oil and gas, and petrochemical

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