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Titanium Clad Copper Parts (Ti Clad Copper Parts)

Titanium Clad Copper Parts (Ti Clad Copper Parts)

Size Custmized
Material Gr 1, 2 Titanium & T1, T2, T3, T4 Cu
Density 4.5-4.51 g/cc
Form Plate, Rod



Titanium Clad Copper Parts, also known as Ti Clad Copper Parts, are a type of composite material consisting of a layer of titanium bonded to a layer of copper. The bonding is typically achieved through a process called explosive welding, where the two metals are joined together using explosive force.

These parts are commonly used in applications where high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are required, such as in heat exchangers, electrical contacts, and electronic packaging. The use of titanium helps to improve the corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of the parts, while the copper provides the required conductivity.

The thickness and composition of the titanium and copper layers can vary depending on the specific application requirements.

The following table provides an example of typical specifications for Ti Clad Copper Parts:

Material Thickness (mm) Copper Composition (% by weight)
Ti Grade 1 0.2-2 10-30
Ti Grade 2 0.2-2 10-30
Ti Grade 5 0.2-2 10-30
Ti Grade 7 0.2-2 10-30
Ti Grade 9 0.2-2 10-30
Ti Grade 12 0.2-2 10-30

Note that these specifications are only for reference and may vary depending on the specific requirements of each application.

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