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Terbium Oxide (Tb4O7) Sputtering Target

Terbium Oxide (Tb4O7) Sputtering Target


  • Symbol: Tb4O7
  • Purity: 99% - 99.99%
  • Size: 0 - 48 inch
  • Thickness: ≥ 1 mm
  • Color: Brown
  • Shape: Circular, rectangular, annular, rotary etc.

    CG provides high-quality Terbium Oxide Sputtering Target for research and industry purposes at competitive prices. We can provide Cerium Sputtering Target with different purity, size, and density according to your requirements.


    Terbium Oxide (Tb4O7) sputtering target is a high-purity material used in thin film deposition applications. It is a ceramic material that is composed of four terbium atoms and seven oxygen atoms. The sputtering target is used to deposit thin films of terbium oxide onto various substrates, such as silicon, glass, and metal.

    The terbium oxide sputtering target is produced by powder metallurgy techniques. The powder is first pressed into a disc shape and then sintered at high temperatures to form a dense, uniform target material. The target is then machined to the desired shape and size.

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