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Tantalum Evaporation Material

Tantalum Evaporation Material

Tantalum evaporation material refers to tantalum in the form of pellets, wires, or sheets that are used as the source material for physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes, such as thermal or electron beam evaporation. During the evaporation process, the tantalum material is heated until it reaches its boiling point and evaporates, forming a thin film on the substrate. Tantalum evaporation material is widely used in the semiconductor, optics, and thin film industries for coating or depositing tantalum films onto various substrates for electronic, optical, and mechanical applications. The purity and quality of tantalum evaporation material are crucial for achieving high-quality and reliable thin films.

Symbol Ta
Purity 99.9% to 99.99%
Pellet / Wire / Rod / Slug / Tablet / Customized
Ta Pellets / Ta Wire / Ta Pieces / Tantalum Pellets / Tantalum Wire / Tantalum Pieces / Tantalum Evaporation Material / Ta Evaporation Material / Ta Evapor Materials / Tantalum Evapor Materials

Tantalum has a number of interesting properties that make it particularly useful in electronic applications. It has the third highest melting point, surpassed only by rhenium and tungsten, yet it is highly conductive to heat and electricity. This has made it the material of choice for the electronic capacitors used in most telecommunications and hand held electronics equipment, such as cell phones, laptop computers and pagers. Tantalum compounds, such as tantalum oxide and tantalum chloride, are the basis for dielectric coatings. Tantalum is added to glass for its high refractive index. It also has various applications in nuclear energy. 


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