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Submicron Alumina

Submicron Alumina

Submicron alumina refers to a type of alumina material with particles that are less than one micron in size. It is typically produced through a specialized process that involves the controlled precipitation of aluminum hydroxide, followed by calcination at high temperatures to produce a highly pure and crystalline alumina structure.

Submicron alumina is known for its exceptional purity, high surface area, and unique mechanical and electrical properties. It is commonly used in a range of industrial applications, including electronics, ceramics, and catalysts. Its small particle size makes it ideal for use in applications that require precise control over particle size and distribution, such as advanced ceramics and coatings.

Submicron alumina is also highly resistant to high temperatures, wear, and corrosion, making it ideal for use in harsh environments where other materials would quickly degrade. It can be formulated into a range of shapes and sizes, including powders, beads, and coatings, making it versatile and easy to integrate into a range of processes and systems.

Overall, submicron alumina is a highly specialized material that offers exceptional performance and unique properties in a range of industrial applications. Its unique properties and processing make it well-suited for use in industries such as electronics, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing, where high-quality, precise materials are essential.


Catalog No. CERAMICS
Size Customized
Material Al2O3
Purity 95% 99% 99.7%
Density 3.8~3.9 g/cm3


At CG Material, we offer high quality Submicron Alumina with exceptional purity and precision in terms of size. Our products range in diameter from 1mm to 100mm and have a purity level of up to 99.8%. We also provide custom manufacturing options for special shapes to meet specific needs.


Submicron Alumina Specifications

Typical Analysis

Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O CaO MgO
99.70% 0.01% 0.03% <0.025% <0.01% <0.01%


Hardness Mohs – 9 Knoops 2000
PH 8.0-9.5
Specific Gravity 3.9 g/cc

Submicron Alumina Applications


-Structural Ceramics

-Technical Ceramics

-Body and Vehicle Armor





We handle our products with care to ensure they remain in their original condition during storage and transportation and to preserve their quality.



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