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Spherical Hafnium Powder

Spherical Hafnium Powder

Spherical hafnium powder is a type of hafnium powder that has been processed into spherical particles through a specialized manufacturing process. This type of powder is typically used in advanced manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing (3D printing) or spray coating, where precise particle size and shape are critical for achieving the desired performance properties.

Spherical hafnium powder has a high surface area to volume ratio, which makes it an excellent candidate for catalysts and other chemical reactions that require a high degree of surface reactivity. It is also used as a component in advanced ceramics and coatings, where its high melting point, excellent mechanical strength, and resistance to corrosion make it an ideal material for extreme environments.

Additionally, spherical hafnium powder is used in the aerospace and defense industries as a component in rocket fuel, due to its high energy density and excellent combustion properties. Its ability to release a high amount of energy upon ignition makes it a popular choice for solid rocket motor applications.

Overall, spherical hafnium powder is an important material with a wide range of industrial applications, particularly in advanced manufacturing processes and extreme environments where high-performance materials are required.


Spherical Hafnium Powder Introduction

High purity, high spherical degree, uniform particles, narrow distribution areas, larger specific surface area, high surface activity, spherical shape, good dispersion, high oxidation temperature, and luster. Corrosion resistance, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and royal water, at high temperature, easy to be soluble in hydrofluoric acid and form a fluoride complex. At high temperatures, hafnium can also combine directly with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen to form oxides and nitride ides.

Spherical Hafnium Powder Applications

  • Used as a cathode for X-ray tubes, alloys of hafnium and tungsten or molybdenum are used as electrodes for high-voltage discharge tubes.
  • An ideal neutron absorber can serve as a control rod and protection device of the atomic reactor and can act as a rocket propellant.
  • Alloys of Hafnium can serve as the front-edge protection layer of rocket nozzle and gliding reentry aircraft, and Hf-Ta alloy can make tool steel and resistive materials
  • 4. Hafnium powder is used as an added element in heat-resistant alloys, such as tungsten, molybdenum, and hafnium tantalum.
  • Used as an additive of hydraulic oil, to prevent the volatilization of hydraulic oil during high-risk operations, and has a strong anti-volatile nature, with this characteristic, so it is generally used in industrial hydraulic oil. Medical hydraulic oil.


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