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Scandium Nitride Powder ScN, CAS No 25764-12-9

Scandium Nitride Powder ScN, CAS No 25764-12-9

Scandium Nitride (ScN) is a ceramic material with a high melting point, high thermal conductivity, and excellent mechanical properties. It has applications in various fields, such as semiconductors, optics, and electronics.


  • Chemical formula: ScN
  • Molecular weight: 52.93 g/mol
  • Appearance: Gray powder
  • Melting point: 2,438 °C
  • Density: 3.00 g/cm³
  • Crystal structure: Rock salt
  • Thermal conductivity: 1.6 W/(m·K)
  • Electrical resistivity: 60 μΩ·cm
  • Particle size: 1-5 μm
  • Purity: 99.5%
  • Applications: Semiconductors, optics, electronics.

Note: the specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier.


- Used as raw materials of phosphor;
- Used as an additive for special alloys and non-ferrous metals;
- High refractive index metal epitaxial film;
- Used for wear-resistant materials, packaging protection materials;
- For the manufacture of magnetic semiconductor materials;
- Widely used in the electronics industry, also used in electric light sources, spectral analysis and so on.


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