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Samarium Sputtering Target

Samarium Sputtering Target


  • Symbol: Sm
  • Purity: 99% - 99.99%
  • Size: 0 - 48 inch
  • Thickness: ≥ 1 mm
  • Color: Silver gray
  • Shape: Circular, rectangular, annular, rotary etc.

     CG provides high-quality Samarium Sputtering Target for research and industry purposes at competitive prices. We can provide Cerium Sputtering Target with different purity, size, and density according to your requirements.


    Samarium sputtering target is a high-purity thin film deposition material used in the production of semiconductors, solar cells, and other electronic devices. It is made of samarium metal and is available in various sizes and thicknesses. Samarium sputtering targets are typically used in physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes to create thin films of samarium on a substrate. The sputtering process involves bombarding the target with high-energy particles, causing atoms to be ejected from the surface and deposit onto the substrate, creating a thin film. Samarium sputtering targets are known for their high purity, excellent thermal and chemical stability, and uniformity, making them an ideal choice for a variety of applications in the electronics industry.


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