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Ready to Press Alumina (RTP Alumina)

Ready to Press Alumina (RTP Alumina)

Ready to Press Alumina (RTP Alumina) is a type of alumina powder that has been specially engineered for use in the production of high-performance ceramic components. RTP alumina is produced using a proprietary process that results in a highly uniform and controlled particle size distribution, as well as a high level of purity.

RTP alumina is designed to be used in a process called powder metallurgy, in which the alumina powder is mixed with a small amount of binder and then pressed into the desired shape under high pressure. The resulting "green body" is then sintered at high temperatures to produce a dense, high-strength ceramic component.

One of the key advantages of RTP alumina is its ability to be processed into complex shapes with high dimensional accuracy. This is because the uniform particle size distribution and high purity of the powder allow for consistent packing and flow during the pressing stage, resulting in parts with excellent reproducibility.

RTP alumina is also known for its excellent mechanical properties, including high strength, hardness, and wear resistance. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications, including wear components, cutting tools, and electrical insulators.

Overall, RTP alumina is a highly engineered material that offers superior performance and versatility compared to traditional alumina powders. Its unique properties make it a valuable component in a variety of advanced ceramic applications.


Catalog No. CERAMICS
Size Customized
Material Al2O3
Purity 95% 99% 99.7%
Density 3.8~3.9 g/cm3


At CG Material, we offer high quality Ready to Press Alumina (RTP Alumina) with exceptional purity and precision in terms of size. Our products range in diameter from 1mm to 100mm and have a purity level of up to 99.8%. We also provide custom manufacturing options for special shapes to meet specific needs.


Ready to Press Alumina Specifications

  KMS-98 KMS-96 KMS-94 KMS-92
Al2O3 (%) ≈98 ≈96 ≈94 ≈92
CaO (%) ≈0.06 ≈1.3 ≈0.3 ≈2.5
Na2O (%) ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.1
SiO2 (%) ≈1.0 ≈1.9 ≈4 ≈3.6
Fe2O3(%) ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.2
MgO ≈0.4 ≈0.7 ≈1 ≈1.5
Loss on Ignition (%) ≈3 ≈3.6 ≈3.0 ≈4.3
Bulk Density (kg/m3) ≈1200 ≈1200 ≈1200 ≈1100
Moisture (%) ≤0.35 ≤0.3 ≤0.35 ≤0.5
Median Granule Size (µm) ≈130 ≈170 ≈100 ≈200
Green Density (100 MPa) g/cm3 ≈2.45 ≈2.4 ≈2.4 ≈2.45
Fired Density (1600oC, 2h) g/cm3 ≈3.88 ≈3.8 ≈3.7 ≈3.7

Ready to Press Alumina Applications

-Structural Ceramics

-Technical Ceramics

-Body and Vehicle Armor

-Grinding Media



We handle our products with care to ensure they remain in their original condition during storage and transportation and to preserve their quality.



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