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Niobium Oxide (Nb2O5) Sputtering Target

Niobium Oxide (Nb2O5) Sputtering Target

Niobium Oxide (Nb2O5) sputtering target is a high-purity material used in the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process to deposit thin films in various applications such as electronics, optics, and energy. Nb2O5 sputtering targets are commonly used in the production of capacitors, fuel cells, and electrochromic devices.

The sputtering target is made by compressing and sintering high-purity Nb2O5 powder into a dense, uniform, and homogeneous structure. The target's size and shape can be customized according to the specific requirements of the deposition process.

During the sputtering process, ions are bombarded onto the surface of the target, causing the ejection of atoms and molecules that form a thin film on the substrate. Nb2O5 sputtering targets are known for their high purity, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and excellent adhesion to substrates, making them a popular choice for many PVD applications.

Niobium Oxide Sputtering Target Properties (Theoretical)

Compound Formula Nb2O5
Molecular Weight 265.81
Appearance Target
Melting Point 1512 °C (2754 °F)
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.47 g/cm3
Solubility in H2O N/A
Exact Mass 265.787329
Monoisotopic Mass 265.787329

Shape Disc/Rectangular/Tube
Bonding Unbonding/Bonding
Symbol Nb2O5
Purity 99.9%


HM provides high-quality Niobium Oxide Sputtering Targets at competitive prices for research and industry purposes. We can provide Niobium Oxide Sputtering Targets with different purity, size, and density according to your requirements.

  • High purity and density
  • Low particle
  • Uniform film thickness distribution
  • High efficiency in the use

Niobium Oxide Sputtering Target Dimensions

Circular Sputtering Targets








up to 21”

Rectangular Sputtering Targets

Width x Length

5” x 12”

5” x 15”

5” x 20”

5” x 22”

6” x 20”


0.125”, 0.25”

Sputtering Targets Requirements

General requirements such as size, flatness, purity, impurity content, density, N/O/C/S, grain size, and defect control. Special requirements include surface roughness, resistance value, grain size uniformity, composition and tissue uniformity, magnetic conductivity, ultra-high density, ultra-fine grains, etc.

Niobium Oxide Sputtering Target Applications

Niobium Oxide Sputtering Target is mainly used in the electronics and information industry, glass coating field, wear-resistant materials, high-temperature corrosion resistance, high-grade decorative goods, and other industries.

Niobium Oxide Sputtering Target Delivery and Packaging

The Lead time of the Niobium Oxide Sputtering Target is 2-5 weeks. It will be packaged in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag with a moisture barrier. The MSDS and COA will be packed with the product.

Customized Sputtering Targets

CG Material specializes in producing custom compositions for commercial and research applications and for new proprietary technologies. Other magnetron sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and deposition materials are listed by material throughout the website.


We handle our products with care to ensure they remain in their original condition during storage and transportation and to preserve their quality.

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