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Niobium Bar, Niobium Rod

Niobium Bar, Niobium Rod

Niobium bars and rods are cylindrical products made of pure niobium metal or niobium alloys. They are commonly used in the aerospace, nuclear, and semiconductor industries for their unique properties, such as high melting point, excellent corrosion resistance, and superconductivity. The niobium bars and rods are available in various sizes and lengths, and they can be machined or fabricated to meet specific requirements. They are often used in applications such as furnace components, chemical processing equipment, and electrical contacts.

Niobium Bars Properties (Theoretical)

Molecular Weight 92.9
Appearance Silvery
Melting Point 2477 °C
Boiling Point 4744 °C
Density 8.57 g/cm3
Solubility in H2O N/A
Electrical Resistivity 152 Ω ·m (0 °C)
Electronegativity 1.6 Paulings
Heat of Vaporization 689.9 kJ/mol
Poisson's Ratio 0.4
Specific Heat 0.27 kJ/kg·K
Tensile Strength N/A
Thermal Conductivity 5.37 W/m ·K
Thermal Expansion 7.3 µm/(m·K)
Vickers Hardness 1320 MPa
Young's Modulus 105 GPa


Materials Niobium and Niobium Alloy
Purity 99.5% - 99.99%
Standard ASTM B392
CAS 7440-03-1

Niobium Rod Typical Chemical Composition

Material Main elements(%) Impurities (Maximum %)
Nb Fe Si Ni W Mo Ti Ta O C H N
RO4200 Remainder 0.004 0.004 0.002 0.005 0.005 0.002 0.07 0.015 0.0040 0.0015 0.003
RO4210 Remainder 0.01 0.01 0.005 0.02 0.01 0.004 0.10 0.02 0.01 0.0015 0.01

Niobium Rod Mechanical Property

Grade Tensile strength psi(MPa), ≥ Yield strength  δ0.2, psi (MPa),≥ Elongation in 1"/2" gage length, %, ≥
>=0.010 <0.010
RO4200, RO4210 18000 (125) 12000 (85) 25 20

Niobium Rod Application

Niobium rods and niobium alloy rods are used as structural materials for aero-engines and rocket nozzles, reactor interiors, and cladding materials, and for the production of various corrosion-resistant parts under the corrosion conditions of nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, or sulfuric acid. Adding zirconium to the niobium rod can significantly improve the oxidation resistance and strength of the material.


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