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Fused Brown Alumina

Fused Brown Alumina

Fused brown alumina, also known as brown fused alumina, is a type of abrasive material made from high-quality bauxite that has been melted and fused in an electric arc furnace at temperatures of around 2000°C. The resulting material is then cooled, crushed, and graded to produce abrasive grains of various sizes.

Fused brown alumina is known for its excellent hardness, toughness, and abrasive properties, making it a popular choice for use in a range of abrasive applications, including grinding, sandblasting, and polishing. Its high durability and resistance to wear and corrosion make it ideal for use in harsh environments where other abrasive materials would quickly degrade.

Fused brown alumina is available in a range of grit sizes and shapes, including grains, powders, and abrasive compounds. It is also available in different levels of purity and hardness, allowing it to be used in a range of applications, from heavy-duty grinding and cutting to fine polishing and finishing.

Overall, fused brown alumina is a highly versatile and effective abrasive material that offers exceptional performance and durability in a range of abrasive applications. Its unique properties make it well-suited for use in industries such as metallurgy, construction, and manufacturing, where high-quality, reliable abrasive materials are essential.


Catalog No. CERAMICS
Size Customized
Material Al2O3
Purity 95% 99% 99.7%
Density 3.8~3.9 g/cm3


At CG Material, we offer high quality Fused Brown Alumina with exceptional purity and precision in terms of size. Our products range in diameter from 1mm to 100mm and have a purity level of up to 99.8%. We also provide custom manufacturing options for special shapes to meet specific needs.


Fused Brown Alumina Specifications

Physical Properties Value
Crystal Form Alpha Alumina
Bulk Density 3.95g/cm3
Melting Point 2000°C
Hardness KNOPPS = 2000, MOHS = 9
Size Customized

Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition (wt%)
Al2O3 SiO2 MgO TiO2 Fe2O3 Alkali (Soda & Potash)
95.5 0.67 0.02 2.7 0.25

Fused Brown Alumina Applications

Suitable for grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc., for refractory materials.


We handle our products with care to ensure they remain in their original condition during storage and transportation and to preserve their quality.



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