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Dysprosium Nitride Powder DyN, CAS No 12019-88-4

Dysprosium Nitride Powder DyN, CAS No 12019-88-4

Dysprosium Nitride (DyN) powder is a rare earth metal nitride, with the chemical formula DyN and CAS number 12019-88-4. It is a dark gray to black powder, and has a high melting point of approximately 2280°C. Dysprosium Nitride is insoluble in water and most acids, but can be dissolved in hydrofluoric acid.


Dysprosium Nitride powder is commonly used in the production of ceramic materials, such as coatings, cutting tools, and electronics components. It can also be used as a catalyst, as well as in magnetic and optical applications.

Physical Properties

Property Value
Chemical Formula DyN
CAS Number 12019-88-4
Appearance Dark gray to black powder
Melting Point ~2280°C
Density 7.81 g/cm³
Solubility in water Insoluble
Solubility in acid Soluble in hydrofluoric acid
Crystal Structure Cubic
Applications Production of ceramic materials, catalyst, magnetic and optical applications


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